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  34 options for your future

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34 options for your future

Vocational professions: Qualified and certified

Show us what you’re capable of, because you’ll be challenged and motivated to do and learn new things here each and every day. It’s not without reason that we’re regularly certified by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry for our “excellent contribution to vocational training”. Most of our trainees complete their training with good grades and stay on in our companies afterwards.
What else do we offer? Collective agreement pay scales, holiday pay and a Christmas bonus, a company pension and a whole host of training opportunities. You can find out more about our employee benefits in our Benefits section.

Research & development

Innovative pharmaceutical products can only become a reality if we as pharmaceutical companies invest in research and development. This not only enables us to extend our reach on the pharmaceutical market, but also to set ourselves the highest standards, and thereby continuously broaden our horizons and our perception of what is possible. Here in Berlin, we focus on the pharmaceutical development of medicines. As a pharmacy intern, you’ll be directly involved in current research projects. We offer four different fields of activity.

  • Here’s your chance to shine when your academic knowledge of instrumental analysis (e.g. HPLC, UV-VIS, SDS-PAGE) is strong. In the Quality Control Department, you’ll develop and validate analytical methods, generate analyses and assessments of investigational medicinal products and document your work according to GMP guidelines. It goes without saying that this will all take place under the competent supervision of our experienced specialists.

  • As part of global Phase I – IV clinical trials, you’ll manufacture investigational medicinal products, package these according to randomisation and send them to their respective destination. If you are especially adept with pharmaceutical technology, we are the right company for you to do your practical six-month training. You’ll subsequently become highly proficient in GMP-compliant production and packaging. A key criterion for this field of activity is that you are capable of exercising due care.

  • Pharmaceutical technology will be your favourite subject, and you’ll also have an interest in instrumental analysis (e.g. HPLC, UV-VIS) in the industry. These are the ideal prerequisites for this internship, during which you’ll be manufacturing medicines on a laboratory scale, handling associated analytical issues, documenting everything according to GMP guidelines and applying the manufacturing methods in production.

  • You will check dosage forms on a daily basis. Are pre-filled syringes fit for air transportation and do drops remain effective even in hot conditions? You’ll find this out by carrying out analyses to determine content and purity, drug release analyses and analyses of the chemical and physical properties of investigational medicinal products. And, naturally, by leveraging your first-rate expertise in instrumental analysis (e.g. UV-VIS, HPLC). You’ll document your findings in accordance with GMP guidelines.

Tips for applicants

How to get that job

We’d prefer for you to use our online form to submit your application. You can find the relevant link in the job advertisement for the position you’re applying for. You can also send us your application by post. Should you have any further questions before sending us your application, simply call the contact person named in the job advertisement. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

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