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Quality control in the laboratory

  • Are you interested in analytical methods such as HPLC, AAS or dissolution? Then leverage what you learned in your studies to conduct quality controls on raw materials, intermediate products and finished medicinal products, for example. You’ll check the materials and products for identity, content, chemical purity, dosage consistency and release, and in doing so familiarise yourself with the requirements of good documentation practice.

  • In the raw material laboratory, you’ll utilise a variety of physicochemical analysis techniques, including colour and precipitation reactions in the test tube, gravimetric analyses, melting temperature and density determination and instrumental analyses, such as volumetric analyses with automated endpoint detection or IR and NIR spectroscopy. Your tasks will entail both practical laboratory work and documentation according to GMP guidelines. 

  • Your focus in our microbiology team will be on testing the microbial quality of sterile and non-sterile products and raw materials. Both in the laboratory and at your desk – when compiling documentation in accordance with GMP guidelines, for example – you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learned in your studies and practically build on this knowledge. This may include conducting routine tests in the laboratory, applying diagnostic methods, evaluating water and environmental monitoring data or approving laboratory devices.

  • You’ll be responsible for conducting batch record reviews of solid medicines in preparation for bulk release. To this end, you’ll check raw materials and intermediate products by means of UV/VIS spectroscopy, HPLC and DC. You’ll support your team during in-process control studies for disintegration or friability, for example, and in the sampling and distribution of samples for the release testing of bulk ware. This is the right team for you if you are interested in analytical methods, the manufacturing of solid medicines and the production of GMP-compliant documentation.

Quality management contract manufacturing

You will not only gain an insight into the entire manufacturing and supply chain of a medicinal product, but also into the daily work of a qualified person in accordance with § 15 of the German Medicines Act (AMG). In your team, you’ll work with specialists from various departments to assure the quality of the work of our contract manufacturers and commissioned test laboratories. You’ll assist with the technical release of sales goods and the provision of samples for our own analytical tests.

Product lifecycle management

In the product lifecycle management team, you’ll test and assess the quality of products already on the market and ensure that quality-related processes and documentation procedures are complied with.

  • There is a wide choice of specialisms: you can evaluate the validation and verification status of analytical methods, investigate the in-vitro release behaviour of solid oral dosage forms, manage change control projects, collaborate on method-validation or transfer projects, or work with your team to optimise the quality of our products.

  • In this team, you’ll primarily be involved in compiling documentation according to GMP guidelines and will be able to choose from a variety of documenting tasks: revising test specifications for raw materials in accordance with the European pharmacopoeia, drawing up certificates for raw materials, packaging and medicinal products for registration purposes or updating test specifications for medicinal products.

  • You’ll provide support in the development and validation of analytical methods, e.g. for determining content or purity. This is the right team for you if you are interested in optimising existing or developing new methods and wish to specialise in instrumental analysis.

  • In the stability management team, you’ll co-ordinate tests on the shelf-life of the numerous dosage forms, such as tablets, liquids and parenterals, under various storage conditions. To this end, you’ll elaborate quality-control plans, commission laboratories, evaluate the results and be responsible for the relevant documentation in accordance with GMP guidelines.

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34 options for your future

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