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There’s a lot to do at BERLIN-CHEMIE AG and Menarini GmbH – in a wide variety of positions. To give you a good idea of what your next career move may bring, we’ve clearly categorised our fields of activity for you. Take a look around and find out all there is to know about the areas you’re interested in.

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  • Our scientific field sales force has an excellent reputation among our customers in pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries and clinics – because the people who work for us sell our products not just with their expert knowledge, but also with their sense of fun and enthusiasm.

    Do you have a degree in chemistry, medicine, biology or pharmaceutics? Are you a PTA, MTA, BTA or CTA? Have you also already gained professional experience in field sales? Then you’re ideally qualified to raise the profile of our innovative drugs and medical technology products. And anything you’re lacking in product or sales know-how, you’ll learn during our intensive three-month induction phase.

  • BERLIN-CHEMIE AG and Menarini GmbH are pharmaceutical companies involved in research. Specialists from the fields of pharmaceutics, chemistry, food technology, medicine, veterinary medicine and human biology can further their expertise in a variety of roles with us. Alternatively, they can take on a managerial role and head up the teams that make our research so successful. With experience, heart and mind.

    Ideally, you’ll not only have a background in the science, but also be familiar with the relevant statutory and economic framework conditions and the pharmaceuticals market. We’d also like to hear from you if you’ve previously worked in the life science industry, the food industry or in academic research.

  • Nothing is possible in medicinal product research and manufacturing without computer and communications technology. Whether when it comes to application development, business intelligence or the classic help desk, the success of our business depends heavily on IT experts.

    Do you have a few years’ professional experience in IT, like working in flat hierarchies and enjoy taking the initiative and leveraging your expertise? Then you’ll find the right challenge with us!

  • Whether you have an engineering or technical background, you’ve come to the right place with us. We need your knowledge and skills in our Production, Packaging and Building Technology departments, for instance. The majority of our technical staff had already gained professional experience in a similar sector, such as chemical or food production, the life science sector or another pharmaceutical company, prior to their career with BERLIN-CHEMIE AG and Menarini GmbH.

    Others started out in their career with us: We provide our current and former trainees with first-rate career development support – from their apprenticeship diploma to their master technician’s diploma, if they so wish. With a master technician’s diploma, you’ll be highly employable in a managerial position in your field.

    Specialists with an academic background are also key team members in their relevant department. They come from fields such as pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, process engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. Specialists from other fields are also welcome to apply for our technical roles.

  • Good commercial professionals are needed in our Purchasing, Marketing and Human Resources departments just as much as in Logistics, Materials Management and Finance, for example. And the job opportunities for these professionals are as diverse as their specialist backgrounds. Industrial and IT administrators, forwarding merchants and administrative assistants work for us. Not to mention colleagues with various academic qualifications – in economics, industrial engineering and management or commercial law, for example.

    At BERLIN-CHEMIE AG and Menarini GmbH, you can build on your knowledge, benefit from first-rate development opportunities and plan a successful career with us.

    Find out about further job opportunities for commercial careers – in our department overview.

  • The jobs in our company are as diverse as the people who do them. Employees with a wide range of profiles work in our departments, and we generally need candidates from all professional backgrounds.
    We also have jobs you may not initially expect to find in a pharmaceutical company. For instance, we employ translators, who localise our materials for our international markets. And our colleagues in our Secure  Operations department are supervised by specially trained socio-pedagogical staff.
    So, as you can see, BERLIN-CHEMIE AG and Menarini GmbH employ all kinds of professionals! Take a look around and see what captures your interest, and leverage the opportunity to send us a speculative application.



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