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Get an idea of the diverse fields of activity at BERLIN-CHEMIE AG and Menarini GmbH. There’s a lot to do. Here, you can find out detailed information about our fields of activity and better plan for the start of your career.

Fields of activity

  • With a degree in chemistry, medicine, biology or pharmaceutics or PTA, MTA, BTA or CTA qualification, you already have the right basis for joining our field sales team. And participating in our three-month intensive induction phase will seal your success: You’ll learn all you need to know about our products and benefit from tried-and-tested sales expertise.

    Our scientific field sales force has an excellent reputation among our customers in pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries and clinics. This is because our experts communicate on an equal footing and, in addition to great personalities, possess first-rate expertise – which raises the profile of our products.

  • As pharmaceutical companies involved in research, we offer scientists a wealth of career opportunities for after their studies. Due to their broad-based training, pharmacists are particularly well qualified for the technological, pharmaceutical-analytical and regulatory tasks involved in the majority of our jobs. We also need professionals with a background in the natural sciences, such as medicine, chemistry, food chemistry, veterinary medicine and human biology.

    We’ll ease your entry into your professional life with various training sessions and targeted training, so that you can fully apply your expertise in a variety of roles. In our companies, scientists from all disciplines share ideas and information. A PhD is rarely required to pursue a scientific career with us. Where a PhD is required for a specific position, this will be specified in the relevant job advertisement.

  • As in our departments, you’ll also find flat hierarchies and the opportunity to take the initiative and contribute your ideas in the field of IT. There is a wide choice of fields of activity, as nothing is possible in medicinal product research and manufacturing without computer and communications technology. IT experts are also involved in application development and business intelligence activities.

  • Employees with technical know-how are vital for our companies. We employ professionals with an engineering or technical background – some even trained with us and have been here ever since. Your knowledge and skills will be particularly valuable in the Production, Packaging and Building Technology departments.

    If you have a degree in pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, process engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering or a related field, then you’ve come to the right place. Well-qualified specialists, such as pharmaceutical technicians, industrial mechanics and mechatronics engineers, are also welcome to apply for our technical roles.

  • You may join one of our many commercial departments after completing your vocational training or studies. We’d like to hear from you if you’re an industrial and IT administrator, administrative assistant or forwarding merchant. Other commercial professionals are also welcome to apply. Colleagues with a variety of academic qualifications – in economics, industrial engineering and management or commercial law, for example – also work for us. They are all essential in our Purchasing, Marketing, Human Resources, Logistics, Materials Management and Finance departments.

    At BERLIN-CHEMIE AG and Menarini GmbH, you’ll learn all you need to know for a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. No background in the industry is required for our commercial positions.

    Take a look at our department overview to see which fields of activity you find particularly interesting.

  • The people who work in our company and their professional backgrounds are as diverse as the jobs they do. Employees with a wide range of qualifications work in our departments, and we generally need candidates from all professional backgrounds.

    We also have jobs you may not initially expect to find in a pharmaceutical company. For instance, we employ translators, who localise our materials for our international markets. And our colleagues in our Secure Operations department are supervised by specially trained socio-pedagogical staff.

    So, as you can see, BERLIN-CHEMIE AG and Menarini GmbH employ all kinds of professionals! Take a look around and see what captures your interest, and leverage the opportunity to send us a speculative application.


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