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We offer approx. 25 placement fields in four major areas that deal with the research and development up to the authorisation of our medicines. Do you prefer testing, microscopy or research? Laboratory or desk? You decide in which team you would like to spend your six-month internship. To make the choice easier for you, we will introduce you to the individual areas. If you would like to find out more, Ms. Blank (tel. 030 6707-3174) will be happy to give you advice and help with finding the right internship.

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Research & development

Innovative pharmaceutical products can only become a reality if we as pharmaceutical companies invest in research and development. This not only enables us to extend our reach on the pharmaceutical market, but also to set ourselves the highest standards, and thereby continuously broaden our horizons and our perception of what is possible. Here in Berlin, we focus on the pharmaceutical development of medicines. As a pharmacy intern, you’ll be directly involved in current research projects. We offer four different fields of activity.

  • Here’s your chance to shine when your academic knowledge of instrumental analysis (e.g. HPLC, UV-VIS, SDS-PAGE) is strong. In the Quality Control Department, you’ll develop and validate analytical methods, generate analyses and assessments of investigational medicinal products and document your work according to GMP guidelines. It goes without saying that this will all take place under the competent supervision of our experienced specialists.

  • As part of global Phase I – IV clinical trials, you’ll manufacture investigational medicinal products, package these according to randomisation and send them to their respective destination. If you are especially adept with pharmaceutical technology, we are the right company for you to do your practical six-month training. You’ll subsequently become highly proficient in GMP-compliant production and packaging. A key criterion for this field of activity is that you are capable of exercising due care.

  • Pharmaceutical technology will be your favourite subject, and you’ll also have an interest in instrumental analysis (e.g. HPLC, UV-VIS) in the industry. These are the ideal prerequisites for this internship, during which you’ll be manufacturing medicines on a laboratory scale, handling associated analytical issues, documenting everything according to GMP guidelines and applying the manufacturing methods in production.

  • You will check dosage forms on a daily basis. Are pre-filled syringes fit for air transportation and do drops remain effective even in hot conditions? You’ll find this out by carrying out analyses to determine content and purity, drug release analyses and analyses of the chemical and physical properties of investigational medicinal products. And, naturally, by leveraging your first-rate expertise in instrumental analysis (e.g. UV-VIS, HPLC). You’ll document your findings in accordance with GMP guidelines.


We manufacture our medicinal products in state-of-the-art facilities and complex workflows. From solid medicines (such as tablets, coated tablets and capsules) and liquids (such as solutions and drops) to suppositories and infusion solutions, we cover a vast range of dosage forms. It therefore goes without saying that production and packaging activities are expertly monitored and stringent quality and hygiene standards adhered to. To this end, you will assess, validate and document the processes used.

  • You’ll learn everything there is to know about manufacturing solid medicines, whereby you’ll handle your own projects and also support the specialists in your team in process optimisation, troubleshooting, process validation, deviation/OOS and change control management activities.

  • Non-sterile liquids and suppositories are produced and centrally weighed in separate technical processes. You’ll learn these processes and support your team in the relevant GMP-compliant assessment and validation processes. To this end, you will organise and document all necessary sub-steps, and thereby learn the production process in detail.

  • As part of global Phase I – IV clinical trials, you’ll manufacture investigational medicinal products, package these according to randomisation and send them to their respective destination. If you are especially adept with pharmaceutical technology, we are the right company for you to do your practical six-month training. You’ll subsequently become highly proficient in GMP-compliant production and packaging. A key criterion for this field of activity is that you are capable of exercising due care.

Regulatory affairs

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Your team will be responsible for all aspects of licensing procedures. In addition to new licences, you’ll also be involved in constantly adapting our medicinal product licences in Germany and the EU. To this end, you’ll work closely with experts from different departments and compile pertinent dossiers. You’ll work highly conscientiously, both on this task and when checking the relevant documents from a technical perspective and communicating with the licensing authorities in German and English.

  • Your team will work on product information texts, such as Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) and patient information leaflets (PILs), to ensure consumers are able to use the medicinal products correctly and all information texts comply with the relevant statutory requirements. You’ll also collaborate with specialists from our various different departments. You’ll take particular care when revising texts in German and English and research medical/pharmaceutical issues, and thereby assist with the necessary licensing processes.

  • Your team will be responsible for all aspects of international licensing procedures. In addition to actual licensing, this will also entail obtaining and, where necessary, amending medicinal product licences within and outside the EU. You’ll co-ordinate the relevant internal and external activities with the pertinent international country offices and be involved in the associated technical checks. It is particularly important that all documents for authorities are also created in English, a task you’ll also be involved in.

  • Qualitätssicherung
  • In this team, you’ll assess the pharmaceutical quality of our products and compile the necessary dossiers for the medicinal product licences. The multitude of crossovers between the team and Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Licensing departments will enable you to very quickly gain a broad insight into the work of a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • You’ll support your team in handling complaints by recording quality complaints, co-ordinating the necessary checks, evaluating findings and drawing up the relevant reports. You’ll also learn to handle and assess potential deviations from specifications. In addition, you’ll help approve suppliers and contract manufacturers by assessing their suitability on the basis of audits. This is the right team for you if you have a specific interest in good manufacturing practice (GMP).

  • Together with the team from Change Management, you will evaluate and facilitate changes that are due to be introduced in the production and testing of our medicinal products, for example variations to the manufacturing process or to analytical methods. For this, you will collate information and define, jointly with the involved areas Manufacturing, Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs, the activities that are necessary for introducing the change. In this way, you will gain an overview of the GMP and regulatory requirements as well as the many different aspects of variations.

  • You’ll support your colleagues in planning, executing and assessing process validation. You’ll be involved in optimising our validation structure and work in close coordination with the areas of production and quality control. This will give you profound insight into our range of manufacturing processes. This is the right team for you if you enjoy working with pharmaceutical technology, have a knack for organisation, are happy to work conceptually and bring a spark of creativity to everything you do.

  • Marketing & Medicine
  • Your team will be responsible for all our medicinal products licensed in Germany. You’ll work together to maintain an overview of the relevant scientific, social and health-policy trends and developments, create information materials and respond to medical/scientific queries on our preparations. This is the right team for you if you have a specific interest in pharmacology, with a focus on drug information.

  • Pharmakovigilanz
  • This team takes care of the scientific documentation of suspected adverse drug reaction reports, e.g. from clinical trials, as well as of licensed medicinal products from the markets within and outside the EU. You’ll collate reports on adverse drug reactions, support your colleagues in assessing these and forward them to internal and external contacts. You’ll also be tasked with the timely monitoring of processes – in line with statutory time limits and internal guidelines.

  • Constant and systematic monitoring of the safety of medicinal products (pharmacovigilance) is one of the marketing authorisation holder's key tasks. During your internship, you will be directly involved in the team from the beginning. In the "Product Defects" team, you will provide support, among other things, in the categorisation, medical assessment and identification of measures for complaints and deviations as part of stability studies ("out of specification"). On top of that, you will constantly be in close contact with numerous other departments such as Quality Assurance and Quality Control, as well as with pharmacies and authorities. In the "Quality Management" team, you will deal with processes of the Pharmacovigilance Department, design, optimise and map them in Working Instructions. You will additionally provide support in the preparation and follow-up of audits and training sessions. Implementing regulatory and internal/global stipulations as part of pharmacovigilance quality management rounds off your assignment.

Quality control in the laboratory

  • Qualitätskontrolle im Labor
  • Are you interested in analytical methods such as HPLC, AAS or dissolution? Then leverage what you learned in your studies to conduct quality controls on raw materials, intermediate products and finished medicinal products, for example. You’ll check the materials and products for identity, content, chemical purity, dosage consistency and release, and in doing so familiarise yourself with the requirements of good documentation practice.

  • In the raw material laboratory, you’ll utilise a variety of physicochemical analysis techniques, including colour and precipitation reactions in the test tube, gravimetric analyses, melting temperature and density determination and instrumental analyses, such as volumetric analyses with automated endpoint detection or IR and NIR spectroscopy. Your tasks will entail both practical laboratory work and documentation according to GMP guidelines. 

  • You’ll provide support in the development and validation of analytical methods, e.g. for determining content or purity. This is the right team for you if you are interested in optimising existing or developing new methods and wish to specialise in instrumental analysis.

  • Your focus in our microbiology team will be on testing the microbial quality of sterile and non-sterile products and raw materials. Both in the laboratory and at your desk – when compiling documentation in accordance with GMP guidelines, for example – you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learned in your studies and practically build on this knowledge. This may include conducting routine tests in the laboratory, applying diagnostic methods, evaluating water and environmental monitoring data or approving laboratory devices.

  • You’ll be responsible for conducting batch record reviews of solid medicines in preparation for bulk release. To this end, you’ll check raw materials and intermediate products by means of UV/VIS spectroscopy, HPLC and DC. You’ll support your team during in-process control studies for disintegration or friability, for example, and in the sampling and distribution of samples for the release testing of bulk ware. This is the right team for you if you are interested in analytical methods, the manufacturing of solid medicines and the production of GMP-compliant documentation.

  • Qualitätskontrolle im Büro
  • There is a wide choice of specialisms: you can evaluate the validation and verification status of analytical methods, investigate the in-vitro release behaviour of solid oral dosage forms, manage change control projects, collaborate on method-validation or transfer projects, or work with your team to optimise the quality of our products.

  • In this team, you’ll primarily be involved in compiling documentation according to GMP guidelines and will be able to choose from a variety of documenting tasks: revising test specifications for raw materials in accordance with the European pharmacopoeia, drawing up certificates for raw materials, packaging and medicinal products for registration purposes or updating test specifications for medicinal products.

  • In the stability management team, you’ll co-ordinate tests on the shelf-life of the numerous dosage forms, such as tablets, liquids and parenterals, under various storage conditions. To this end, you’ll elaborate quality-control plans, commission laboratories, evaluate the results and be responsible for the relevant documentation in accordance with GMP guidelines.


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